Projects in Progress

The Jedi in the Lotus: An Eastern Look at Star Wars – a book by Steven J. Rosen Global Renaissance Institute: An Institute for the Advanced Study of the Inner Arts and Sciences in the Modern University Infinity Sponsored Outer Knowledge Book Series: Association for Asian Studies’ Special Section on “Teaching Indic Traditions” in Education About Asia Arindam Chakrabarti for University of Hawaii Programs Announcing the Appointment of the Second Infinity Foundation Visiting Professor at Harvard University Dr. Karl Potter’s Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophy Dr. Jonathan Shear’s Book on the Major Meditation Systems of the World Lancaster University’s Educational Fund for the Study of Asian Religions by Overseas Students Yvette Rosser’s Survey on American Attitudes Toward Indic Traditions A Measurement of India’s Secularist Policies by S.K. Menon Dr. Guy Beck’s Research on Indic Influences on World Religious Chant and Music Dr. Subhash Kak’s Sourcebook on Indic Contributions in Mathematics and Science Dr. Alok Kumar’s Book on India’s Contributions to Science Dr. Ramesh Rao’s Research Concerning Media Bias In Recent U.S. Reporting of India Dr. Don Salmon’s Book on Integral Psychology as Taught by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother 13th International Congress of Vedanta – September 12-15, 2002 National Conference on Yoga and Indian Approaches to Psychology – September 29 – October 1, 2002 Seminar on Traditional Knowledge Systems – Summer 2002 in Almora, India W.A.V.E.S. International Conference on India’s Contributions & Influences in the World – July 12-14, 2002 University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, MA, USA British Psychiatry: History of Madness and the Phenomenology of Mental Illness in Colonial India: The Mysore Syndrome African-American Encounters with Indian Nationalists and the Gandhian Nonviolent Movement