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You can donate to the Infinity Foundation via foreign currency or Indian Rupees

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Checks in US Dollars can be sent to:

Infinity Foundation
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Princeton, NJ 08542

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If you would like to send Infinity Foundation a donation through wire transfers, please send an email to Within this email, please provide your name and telephone number, donation amount and the name of your bank.

Once email is received, you will receive instructions on how to wire funds to Infinity Foundation.

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How Your Donation Helps:

The Infinity Foundation is a non-profit private charitable foundation, exempt from income tax under IRS Section 501(C) (3). Our federal tax ID# is 22-3339826. Please retain your PayPal receipt for tax purposes.

Infinity Foundation India has received 80G approval from Income Tax Authorities. This means that our donors in India can claim tax exemption against 80G, for any donation. In this regards please note the Unique Registration No.: AABTI3519D/05/16-17/T-2081/80G. Date of the order: 30th March 2017.