CV Jeewan S. Kharakwal

CV: Jeewan S. Kharakwal, PhD

Brief Bio-Data

Name: Jeewan S. Kharakwal

Date of Birth: 4th June 1966

Permanent Address:
Asst. Professor
Department of Archaeology, Institute of Rajasthan Studies, Rajasthan Vidyapeeth,
Udaipur 313001
Email: 1.
Current Status:
JSPS Fellow
International Research Center for Japanese Studies,
3-2 Oeyma-Cho, Goryo, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto 6101192,
(11th January 2001 to 11th April 2002)
M.A. (1989) in Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology from Kumaun University, Nainital, India.

Ph.D. (1994) from Deccan College, Pune University, under the supervision of Prof. V.N. Misra. Title of the thesis: Archaeological Explorations in Kumaun Himalayas.
Professional Experience:

Archaeological Field Research:

Exploration (India):

1. 1989-91: Worked in a major Research Project of University Grant Commission titled, Continuity and Transition in Middle Himalayan Cultural Life as a Research Assistant.

2. 1991-92: Worked in a major Research Project of Indian Counsil of Historical Research titled Culture and Archaeology of Kumaon as a Research Assistant to collect data for a TV serial.

3. 1992-93: Conducted explorations to discover Upper Palaeolithic sites in Central Narmada region with Dr. Sheila Misra, Deccan College, Pune.

4. 1993-98: Engaged in a joint Project of excavation and exploration at Balathal, a Chalcolithic site in Udaipur district, Rajasthan, India.

5. 1998: Conducted extensive explorations along the Ghaggar river in northern Rajasthan, with Dr. V.S. shinde, Mr. Tejas, and S. Panda, to locate Harappan sites since 23rd June to 5th July.

6. 1998-99: Conducted extensive explorations in Kumbhalgarh fort, in Rajsamand district of Rajasthan, to study its archaeology.

7. 1999: Conducted explorations in the Som Valley, district Banswara, Rajasthan, to locate ancient mining and smelting sites with Dr. S.S. Garhia, Geological Survey of India, between 23rd and 28th June.

8. 2000: Conducted explorations of lacustral deposits at Sambhar (Jaipur) and Didwana (Nagaur) lakes with Prof. Yasuda and Dr. S. Gupta (both from Japan), and at Jodhpura (Jaipur) and Ganeshwar (Sikar) with Prof. D. P. Agrawal, Prof. Y. Yasuda , Dr. V.S. Shinde, Pune and Dr. Murilal Sharma, Jaipur on 12th and 13th February.

9. 2000 March. Conducted drilling of clay samples for pollen analysis with Prof. Yasuda, Japan and Dr. Miroslaw Makohonienko, Poland at Sambhar 2nd to 11th March.

10. 2000 July- August. Conducted extensive explorations along the Kantli river in Sikar District, north Rajasthan, and discovered scores of ancient smelting sites 27th July to 3rd August.

11. 2000 Ocotber 19th Carried out exhaustive survey at Chawand, the Capital of former Mewar dingdom and Maharana Pratap. An iron smelting was also discovered.

12. 2001-2002 ( 26th December to to 15th January) Various archaeometallurgical sites were explored in Sikar, Jhunjhunu and Jaipur district. Furnaces, residential structures, mounds were also discovered.


1. 2001 August. Over a dozen sites (under excavation) and Museums were visited belonging to Jomon Culture in Hokkaido island and in northern Japan.


1. 1990-91 Participated in Megalithic excavations of Cist Burials at Ladyura in Almora district of Kumaon.

2.1991-92 Attended Neolithic excavations of ash-mounds at Budihal in northern Karnataka.

3. 1991-92 Excavations of a Megalihtic habitation site at Bhagimohri in Maharasthra.

4. 1991-92 Participated in Upper Palaeolithic excavations at Mehtakheri in Central Narmada region in Madhya Pradesh.

5. 1992-93 and 1996-97 Participated in the excavations of a Harappan site at Padri in Gujarat.

6. 1996-97 Excavations of a large Harappan site at Dholavira in Gujarat.

7. 1993-2000 Excavations of a Chalcolithic site at Balathal belonging to Ahar Culture for seven consecutive seasons.

8. 2002. Participated in excavations at Gilund, Rajasthan.


1. Working as an Assistant Professor in Archaeology since February 1996 in the Department of Archaeology and Museology, Rajasthan Vidyapeeth, Udaipur.

2. Teaching Indian Archaeology at Undergraduate and Post graduate standards in Rajasthan Vidyapeeth Deemed to be a University, Udaipur since July 1994.

Extension Lectures:

1. 20th November, 1996 Excavation of a Chalcolthic site at Balathal in Aravalis, Sponsored by G.B. Pant Government Museum, Almora, Uttarakhand.

2. 26th April, 1998, Salient Features of Ahar Culture, Institute of Rajasthan Studies, Rajasthan Vidyapeeth, Udaipur, Rajasthan.

3. 22nd March 1999. Achievements of the Excavations at Balathal, M.L.V. Shramjivi College, Udaipur.

4. 27th March, 1999 Early Farming Cultures of Southern Rajasthan, Department of History, M.L.V. Shramjivi College, Udaipur.

5. 1st June, 1999. Bronze Age Cultures of Rajasthan, Sponsored by PAHAR, at Nainital.

6. 7th June, 2000. Aravallis: Source of metal for Harappans, paper presented in the Institute of Rajasthan Studies, Rajasthan Vidyapeeth, Udiapur.

7. 10th April, 1998. Methods of Archaeological Exploration and Data Collection, delivered in the workshop of Senior Teachers at L.M.T. College, Dabok, Rajasthan Vidyapeeth, Udaipur.

8. 23rd June, 2000. Archaeological Sources for Writing History, paper presented in the workshop of schools lecturer’s workshop, Vidya Bhawan, Udaipur.

9. 9th September, 2000 The Archaeology of South Rajasthan, lecture delivered in the workshop at LMTT College Dabok, Rajasthan Vidyapeeth, Udaipur.


1. Japan Society for Promotion of Science:
Visiting Fellow (for fifteen months) at the International Research Center for Japanese Studies, Kyoto, Japan.

A. Books

1. Co-author with D.P. Agrawal 1998. Central Himalayas an Archaeological Linguistic and Cultural Synthesis. Delhi: Aryan Books International.

2. Co-author with D.P. Agrawal. (In press) Archaeology of South Asia. Delhi: Aryan Books International.

B. Papers

1. Co- author with D.P. Agrawal, D.Bhatt and S. Malaiya. 1991. Archaeology of Kumaon Problems and Prospects, Man and Environment 16(1):59-63.

2. Co-author with D.P. Agrawal, and D.Bhatt. 1992. Savagar tatha Mridbhand (in Hindi), PAHAR 5-6: 12-15.

3. Kharakwal, J.S. 1992. Mahasmiya Sanskriti ke Avses (in Hindi) PAHAR 5-6: 16-17.

4. Kharakwal, J.S. 1993a. Memorial Stones vis-à-vis Birkhamb of Kumaon, Uttar Pradesh, Bulletin of Deccan College Post Graduate and Research Institute Pune 53:303-13.

5. Co-author with D. Bhatt and M. Pant. 1993b. Madhya Hiamalaye Kshetra Kumaon; Puratattva and Paramparain (in Hindi), Sodh Patrika 44:64-77.

6. Kharakwal, J.S. 1994. Archaeological Explorations in Kumaon Himalaya. Unpublished Ph.D dissertation carried out in Deccan College, Pune under the guidance of Prof. V.N. Misra, University of Poona.

7. Co-author with L. Pandey 1994. Balathal Utkhanan : Prarambhik Rapat (in Hindi) Sodh Patrika 45(1): 62-74.

8. Co-author with D.P. Agrawal 1994. Use of Scientific Techniques in Indian Rock Art Studies, Purakala 5(1-2): 67-69.

9. Co-author with D.P. Agrawal, S.Kusumgar and M.G.Yadav 1995. Cist Burials of Kumaon Himalayas, Antiquity 69(264):550-54.

10. Co-author with D.P. Agrawal, S.Kusumgar, M.G.Yadav, M. Pant and V. D. Gogte 1995. Was Kumaon the Source of Early Iron in North India? Man and Environment 20(1): 81-85.

11. Co-author with V.N. Misra, V. Shinde, R. Mohanty, K. Dalal, A. Misra and L. Pandey. 1995. Balathal Excavations Their Contribution to the Chalcolithic and Iron Age Cultures of Mewar, Rajasthan, Man and Environment 29(1): 57-80.

12. Kharakwal, J.S. and Deep Harbola 1996. Kumaon mai Mahapasankalain Savagar Parampara, Pragdhara 6:169-76.

13. Co-author with V.N. Misra, V. Shinde, R. Mohanty and L. Pandey 1997. Excavation at Balathal, Udaipur district, Rajasthan (1995-97), with Special Reference to Chalcolithic Architecture, Man and Environment 22(2):35-39.

14. Kharakwal, J and Anita Rane 1997. Cup-Marks and Gaychole Game, in Himkanti (B.M. Khanduri and V. Nautiyal Eds.), pp. Delhi: Book India Publishing Co.

15. Kharakwal, J and V.S. Shinde 1997-98. The Archaeology of Kumbhalgarh, in Souvenir pp. 49-53. Udaipur: Maharana Kumbha Sangeet Parishad.

16. Kharakwal, J.S. 1999. The Archaeology of Kumaon Region, North India, Bulletin of the Deccan College Post-Graduate and Research Institute, Pune 58-59:161-174.

17. Co-author with R.K.Mohanty, A.Mishra, P.P.Joglekar, P.K.Thomas and T.Panda. 2000. Purani Marmi: A Late Ahar Culture Settlement in Chittorgarh District, Rajasthan, Puratattva 30:132-141.

C.In Press:

1. The Central Himalayan Concept of Nanda, Journal of Human Ecology. Delhi.

2. Banasur Ka Quila, Lohaghat aur Kuchh Paramparain, PAHAR, Nainital.

3. Early Farming Cultures of Mewar with Special Reference to Balathal, Khyat.

4. A Fresh light on the Bornze cultures of Rajasthan, PAHAR, Nainital.

5. Rajasthan. Jodhpura-Ganeshwar Complex, Meluhha and Sociology of Metallurgy, Man and Environment.

6. Outstanding Problem of Early Iron Age in India: need of a new approach.

7. Archaeometallurgical Explorations in North Rajasthan.

Popular Articles:

1996a Moti Mahal : Udaipur mai Maharanaon ka Prachintam Bhawan, Rajasthan Patrika 22August :10, Jaipur.

1996b. Tamrpasankalin Sanskritiyan aur Mewar ka Prachintam Gaon: Balathal, Rajasthan Patrika 5th September: 11, Jaipur.

1997. Rangmahal Sanskriti, Rajasthan Patrika 14th October, Jaipur.

1998. Tharu and Boxa Tribes, Rastradoot 31st August, Udaipur.

1999. Ghatol tehsil main Prachin Dhatu Khanan ke Avses, Dainik Bhaskar, 9th Septmeber, Udaipur

1999. Birkhambh, Sri Ram singh Dhauni Smarika, Jhaldungra, Almora.

2000 William Jones ki Bharatiya Puratatva Ko Den, Rajasthan Patrika.

D. Seminar and Conferences:


1. The Iron Age of Rajasthan, paper presented in the seminar on Source Material of the Early History of Rajasthan, sponsored by Indian Council for Historical Research, held at Rajasthan Vidyapeeth, Udaipur in October 1995.

2. Iron Age Pottery at Balathal, paper presented in Annual Conference of Indian Society for Prehistoric and Quaternary Studies, held at Gorakhpur University, Uttar Pradesh 1996.

3. Development of Early Farming Cultures in Mewar with Special Reference to Balathal excavations, paper presented in Annual Conference of Rock Art Society of India, held at Kotputali, Rajasthan 1997.

4. The Archaeology of Uttarakhand, paper presented in Annual Conference of Indian Society for Prehistoric and Quaternary Studies, held at H.N.B. Garhwal University, Srinagar, Uttar Pradesh, 1997.

5. A Preliminary Archaeological Survey of Kumbhalgarh, paper presented in Annual Conference on Maharana Kumbha, held at Kumbha Sangeet Parishad, Udaipur, 1998.

6. Active participation in A Seminar on Different Streams of Freedom Movement in Rajasthan, Sponsored by Indian Council for Historical Research and held at Rajasthan Vidyapeeth, Udaipur, 9th and 10th March, 1999.

7. Jodhpura-Ganeshwar Complex, Meluhha and Sociology of Metallurgy, paper presented in XXXIII Annual Conference of Indian Society for Prehistoric and Quaternary Studies, held at Deccan College, Pune 27th to 30th December, 1999.

8. Fresh Light on Sibi coins from Nagari, paper presented in the Seminar on the Source Material of Early History of Rajasthan and Northern India, Sponsored by Indian council for Historical Research, held at Rajasthan Vidyapeeth on 10th to 12th August, 2000.


1.Active participation in World Archaeological Congress-3 held at Delhi from 4th to 11th December, 1994.

2.Bronze Age cultures in Rajasthan, paper presented in the Indo-French international Seminar on Scientific Analysis of Art and Archaeological Objects, 15th December, 2000, New Delhi, India.

3. Archaeometallurgy in Rajasthan, paper presented in the International Seminar on Asian Bronze Age Cultres, held at Peking University, Beijing, China 23 to 28th February, 2001.

4. Cord Impressed Ware of South Asia, China and Japan: Possibilities of inter-links,paper presented in Environmental Changes and Rise and Fall of Civilisations 5th to 9th November, Kyoto and Mikata, (Japan).